FTD offers its own Brand of fly tying materials made right at the FTD facility at the best prices!

Dubbings, Synthetic Hair, Flash, Tinsel, Fish Shanks, Eyes and more unique tying products at FTD! Click on the Catalog link for all of FTD's unique fly tying materials at the best prices!

New Products Update!

I have added a Closeout Page for test colors/materials, discounted materials and closeout products.

Collections Page has all collections of various materials including the NEW Closeout/Discount Page.

GATOR TAILS are Here....6" Gator Tails per pack of 5
New test and experiments on NEW LONG streamer dubbing!

NEW...Simply Scud Dubbing in individual Packs...$.90 per pack.
Simply Scud Set...13 color set in individual packs...$11.70/set